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Real AI for daily business

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We are Substorm.

Substorm loves to create value with AI. We build real cognitive solutions customised for you. We make you more productive. Together we create value in your daily business.

We make AI work in your daily business​.

Substorm design and deliver AI solutions to elevate your daily business. We partner up with you on the journey, securing that you have all the right building blocks in place and put the solutions into production to untap the value of AI.
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We are the AI experts you want to grab a coffee with.

With many years of combined experience in the AI-field we go way further back then the existence of generative AI. Our experts have done this since the early 2000, we know traditional AI, how it can be combined with the new generation of AI, and how it will form your future business.

You have a challenge in your daily business, together we create the solution.

Depending on how your need look like together we make sure to put together the team or packaged solution to untangle your challenge.

AI Services

AI driven daily business is our mission – we hold your hand through your AI journey, from Inspiration and Education to Implementation and Scaling. We are here to make you feel safe.

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We partner up.

“I have collaborated with the Substorm team for numerous years, and I am truly appreciative of their competence, commitment, and flexibility. Our partnership with Substorm has consistently delivered significant value for us over the years. From my perspective, Substorm remains my top choice.”

- Lars Engberg, Telia Company AB

We do AI for daily business.

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We are Substormers. We make work fun.

If you like flexibility and freedom to realise your ideas and your potential. Call us!
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