#wearesubstorm | Tempest-Marie Norlin


She is named after Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, but there is not much drama when it comes to our own striker Tempest-Marie Norlin. She has a history of delivering high scores both in front of the computer and on the soccer field.

Originally from Stockholm her love for soccer took her all the way to Piteå where she played for Piteå IF. Back in 2016 our friends at Tromb heard a rumour about a winger who also had received  kick ass scores  when applying for Nackademins preparatory course in C#. A course that eventually got her into the .Net developer program. “Tempa” who is now fluid in RPA soon caught our eye and the rest is now Substorm-history.

When many of us might reside to the couch after a long day at work this is not the case for Tempest – who now combines her full time position as a developer with a professional career as a winger playing for BP in Sweden’s highest league.


Nickname: Tempa / #21
Age: 30
Started working at Substorm: 2016
Languages: Swedish, english and #C sharp
Best videogame: Assasins Creed Valhalla or Spider-Man on PS4
Bucketlist destination: Fiji
Dream opponent: Messi

I would not say that my day to day life is the most exciting one but I'm very happy that working at Substorm allows me to combine two things that I love to do! 
Tempest-Marie Norlin

So, tell us - how does a day look when you balance being a RPA ninja at day and being a superstiker at night?

I would not say that my day to day life is the most exciting one but I’m very happy that working at Substorm allows me to combine two things that I love to do! 

I usually eat breakfast while I check in on how the process in my ongoing project has been running in the morning.  I like to run a tight ship so I work a lot with prepared lunches so I don’t have to lose any speed during my work days.

Then I leave for practice. I usually drive our teams “pool-car” and pick up my teammates that don’t live nearby our training facility in the west parts of Stockholm.  When I get back home I need food asap so I don’t turn into what my partner refers to as “The hulk”. Then I usually finish the last of my Substorm-tasks over dinner before I crash on the couch in front of Netflix or our Playstation.

Do you see any similarities between your two careers?

Both soccer and programming need me to use my logical side. But I would definitely say that  it doesn’t hurt that I thrive under pressure while working towards a deadline.

What's the best part about working for Substorm?

My coworkers! I feel that we all genuinely like each other. Another key factor is that I feel that we all really get all the possibilities and tools that we need to really excel within our respective professions/fields.

When you really, really need to focus? What do you listen to?

– This might sound really weird, but nothing. When I need to focus I put in my sound cancelling headphones and shut the outside world out. There is enough going on in my mind  24/7 as it is haha!

And One last question – can you give us your best "matlåde" recipe?

Whatever that contains pasta, bolognese always works! A wok or something grated.
Almost everything works but Tacos would be a bit of a hassle if you want to keep everything separated so let’s stick to pasta.