Substorm and Tromb in collaboration with Styrkebyrån to boost well-being among employees.

To improve our work environment and well-being, Substorm and Tromb have during the spring been working with Styrkebyrån. All employees within the companies have been offered a health plan and setup customized for their specific needs.

Social sustainability is an important topic which is highly prioritized within both Tromb and Substorm. Throughout the years we have been working with different challenges and activities to encourage exercise and health maintenance. The purpose of our collaboration with Styrkebyrån has been to further improve our efforts to increase overall employee health.

– Working from home means people get increasingly sedentary. Together with Styrkebyrån we want to continue to encourage daily exercise and movement to create long-term conditions for good health and well-being, says Johan Rudström, HR manager at Tromb and Substorm.

Together with Styrkebyrån we are taking a new approach with individual health evaluations to support every employee in making smart health choices which will stick in the long run.

– We have a history of being an active workplace, with both wellness challenges and collective competitions in our offices. With the help of Styrkebyrån we are introducing new energy and new approaches in our ongoing work. This helps us contribute to long-term well-being since Styrkebyrån focuses more on long-sightedness and sees the bigger picture.

Styrkebyrån was founded in 2014 by personal trainers Johanna Barvelid and Clara Fröberg. Our collaboration started in March with an inspirational lecture, during the spring we got started with the first workouts. Every week Styrkebyrån presents new workouts designed after preconditions and end goal. Additionally, challenges focused on sleep, recovery and diet are implemented weekly. Once a month the dialogues regarding well-being and health are expanded with group talks or lectures.

Styrkebyrån is a company focused on training and well-being which apart from operating training- and health maintenance services also runs a podcast with over 300 published episodes.

Substorm was founded in 2019 by Sofi Elfving and digital business developers Tromb. The company was recently appointed one of the top AI startups in Europe. Substorm’s focus is intelligent automation and machine learning applications.