Nyhléns Hugosons

Creating an AI-engine that optimizes production and reduces food waste

In short

Do you think that AI and machine learning is just for the large companies and tech giants in Silicon Valley? Think again. Together with Nyhléns Hugosons we proved that AI works just as well for small and mid-sized companies. Truth be told, most companies have data in their operations that can help them take the next step and create new business opportunities.

The mission

To develop a recommendation engine that makes it possible for existing clients to make more precise orders based on data insights.

Data that unveils patterns and behaviours

Nyhléns Hugosons is a company that always strives to improve and work more sustainably. During several years the company has collected a big amount of production and sales based data that became the foundation of our AI-solution.

Funding from Vinnova

“We might not be considered a frontrunner when it comes to AI, but we do see ourselves as one the companies involved in driving the development forward in the Northern parts of Sweden. So when we got the opportunity, with help of funding from Vinnova, to enter this collaboration with Substorm we really didn’t want to sleep on it.”