Business Analytics

Untap the potential of automation.

To enable your organization to untap the potential of automation we know it is not only about technology and data. It is always people that are central to the success of any adaption of technology, and it often comes with the need of a cultural change to empower your workforce to use automation and AI responsibly.

The business value is always our top priority – we never focus on the technology alone. This means that our customers can be the CMO of the CFO just as often as the IT-department in an organization. Our competence in strategic IT transformation often give us the possibility to provide a bridge between the different departments as we are fluent in both system and financial languages and understand the various needs and priorities throughout the company.

Our proven and simple process in four steps provides the foundation for all projects:


1. Determine needs and priorities
What processes and tasks are most important to automate within your organisation? Our business developers can help you to build reasonable business cases to allow you to base your decision on the expected ROI of each initiative.

2. Run a pilot
Do not overthink your first automation initiative, just make sure to involve the right people in the pilot. With our assistance, your RPA pilot can be run within a couple of weeks from receiving go-ahead. We fine-tune the parameters along the way to make sure that the pilot is as successful as possible.

3.Evaluate and set long-term goals
After the pilot, we can help you to really evaluate the initiative and compare it to your goals and the ROI calculations. After the first pilot, it’s time to set long-term goals for your automation initiative, choose technical platform, organisation etc.

4. Implement and educate
A very important part of the implementation process is information and education. Not only of staff that are working with the robots, but staff on all levels. Without a company-wide understanding and buy-in, your automation initiative may be doomed to failure.


There is no big hurdle to get started with automating your processes and workflows. The best first step is almost always to run a small-scale pilot to gain understanding among the staff and company executives. Book a meeting with us to get more information on what you need to think about before starting your automation or AI initiative.