AI & Machine Learning

What is AI and how can it create business value?

AI has been getting a lot of media coverage lately, often with grand visions of how AI will change society in the future. Let us explain how AI can help you in that future.

We have learned how AI can beat a human player in Chess or Go, drive cars autonomously, or finish some of Mozart’s uncompleted works. While these things are impressive, it is easy to see why many companies find it challenging to relate to how AI could improve their business. AI:s, however, have been used for decades in tasks like forecasting, pattern recognition, anomaly detections, and more.

“AI is done in Power Point. Machine learning is done in Python.”
Niklas Karvonen, CTO Substorm, PhD in Pervasive and Mobile computing

These tasks are common in almost any business, yet few companies have started to leverage what AI can do for them. At Substorm we want to change this!

We believe the best way to add value to your company through AI is to start small. Choose a single process in your business and think of a question whose answer would improve that process.

Here’s some examples:

  • How much will my product/service sell next month? (Forecasting)
  • How can I know when/why my system will fail? (Anomaly detection)
  • What replies from customer support yields the best results? (Sentiment analysis, classification)
  • What is the optimal price for my product? (Regression, reinforcement learning)?

Your first models does not have to be grand, but they should provide value and will likely change how you think about business in the future. Let us help you understand and leverage the power of AI.

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